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"United Kingdom"
United Kingdom cover
Song by American Music Club from the album United Kingdom
Released 1989
Format LP / CD
Length 4:22
Label Demon Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Tom Mallon
United Kingdom track listing
  1. "Here They Roll Down"
  2. "Dreamers Of The Dream"
  3. "Never Mind"
  4. "United Kingdom"
  5. "Dream Is Gone"
  6. "Heaven Of Your Hands"
  7. "Kathleen"
  8. "The Hula Maiden"
  9. "Animal Pen"

"United Kingdom" is the 4th song on American Music Club's fourth album, 1989’s United Kingdom.


A child keeps its toys hid away
until it wants to break them
Take your share and go away
Make sure you get the last word
Sit back out of harm's reach
Watch the little cup of poison
chasing its own tail round and round
until it's exhausted at its wit's end

United Kingdom
United Kingdom

I try my best
I wait for you to nail me
Now I try and never do
anything that you tell me
Because waiting about an inch
under human nature
Tragedies and comedies
and the touching sense of failure

United Kingdom
United Kingdom

When you held me in your arms
at the limits of your patience,
I knew I'd always lose
every scene of violence
When you held me in your arms,
why didn't you want me?
When you held me in your arms,
why didn't you touch me?

Well I used to know
how to slip through your blind spot
And now I just watch myself
set the alarms off
I'm happier now
in my shame
And I don't look to you
for anything

United Kingdom
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
United Kingdom



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