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| Album = [[The Restless Stranger]]
| Album = [[The Restless Stranger]]
| Released = 1985
| Released = 1985
| Format = LP
| Format = LP<br />CD (1998 reissue)
| Length = 4:03
| Length = 4:03
| Label = [[Grifter Records]]
| Label = [[Grifter Records]]
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[[Category:AMC songs]]

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"Tell Yourself"
The Restless Stranger cover
Song by American Music Club from the album The Restless Stranger
Released 1985
Format LP
CD (1998 reissue)
Length 4:03
Label Grifter Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Tom Mallon
The Restless Stranger track listing
  1. "Room Above The Club"
  2. "$1,000,000 Song"
  3. "Away Down My Street"
  4. "Yvonne Gets Dumped"
  5. "Mr. Lucky"
  6. "Point Of Desire"
  7. "Goodbye Reprise #54"
  8. "Tell Yourself"
  9. "When Your Love Is Gone"
  10. "Heavenly Smile"
  11. "Broken Glass"
  12. "Hold On To Your Love"

"Tell Yourself" is the 8th song on American Music Club's debut album, 1985's The Restless Stranger.


I always sing when I travel
I always sing when I kill time
I always talk to people I can see
Yeah I always take every opportunity

So tell yourself you're a strong man
Yeah tell yourself you won't be fooled again

In paradise we'll have fun
Yeah you throw the rice
I'll watch the dirty waters run
Yeah I always sing when I give the whole game away
I always sing just before I go away

So tell yourself you're a strong man
Yeah tell yourself you won't be fooled again
We'll do some tricks
You'll never joke again

So find yourself a sweet songbird
And she'll sing you to sleep
And her beauty is such a joke
Like the promises you keep
So you take a train and you take a plane
And you become one million things
And you lose everything so fast
Despite everything I say
I always sing when I'm traveling
I always sing when I'm killing time

When winter hits
When she's outside crying
When questions come
I always sing
I always sing



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