Matt Norelli

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Matt Norelli
Background information
Occupation(s) Musician, songwriter, winemaker
Instruments drums
Associated acts The Ironics
American Music Club
Paw Paw Blowtorch

Matt Norelli is a musician and winemaker living in Healdsburg, California. Norelli currently is a winemaker at Preston Farm & Winery in Hearldsburg and plays drums for HUGElarge. He has also performed with Paw Paw Blowtorch and The Ironics.

Matt Norelli with American Music Club

Norelli, whose nickname was "Sluggo", was playing in San Francisco, California with new wave band The Ironics (with Danny Pearson) when Vudi approached both he and Pearson to join the 3rd incarnation of American Music Club in 1984.

Norelli played drums on 1985's The Restless Stranger but left the band during their European tour of 1985, citing homesickness and exhaustion from in-band fighting. He played drums on 4 songs on the band's follow-up album, Engine ("Outside This Bar", "Mom's TV", "Art Of Love", "Asleep"), with the understanding that he was not returning to the band as a full-time member.[1]


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