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California cover
Song by American Music Club from the album California
Released 1988
Format LP / CS / CD
Length 4:17
Label Grifter Records/Frontier Records/Demon Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Tom Mallon
California track listing
  1. "Firefly"
  2. "Somewhere"
  3. "Laughingstock"
  4. "Lonely"
  5. "Pale Skinny Girl"
  6. "Blue And Grey Shirt"
  7. "Bad Liquor"
  8. "Now You're Defeated"
  9. "Jenny"
  10. "Western Sky"
  11. "Highway 5"
  12. "Last Harbor"

"Laughingstock" is the 3rd song on American Music Club's second album, 1988’s California.


Laughingstock proves that the world is made of rock
That some grow happily on, but that's hard for some
You and your friend and
all the rest of God's sweet children
Never weak, always strong
That's hard for some

You ask me why
You're just a couple of strangers in a bar
Giving me the chance to explain myself away
Some entertainment to give away

In your eyes I see the rest of life just passes by
And that's hard for some

You ask me why
That's your alibi
Isn't everything clear
No clouds in the sky

The laughingstock proves that the world is made of rock
That's hard for some


American Music Club performing "Laughingstock" on September 2, 1989 in Chico, CA, USA.


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