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California cover
Song by American Music Club from the album California
Released 1988
Format LP / CS / CD
Length 2:38
Label Grifter Records/Frontier Records/Demon Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Tom Mallon
California track listing
  1. "Firefly"
  2. "Somewhere"
  3. "Laughingstock"
  4. "Lonely"
  5. "Pale Skinny Girl"
  6. "Blue And Grey Shirt"
  7. "Bad Liquor"
  8. "Now You're Defeated"
  9. "Jenny"
  10. "Western Sky"
  11. "Highway 5"
  12. "Last Harbor

"Jenny" is the 9th song on American Music Club's second album, 1988’s California. Mark Eitzel recorded a live acoustic version for his 1991 Songs Of Love Live album, and a studio version re-made with Manolis Famellos and a group of Greek traditional musicians for 2003's The Ugly American.


Here you are again
Another stupid party again
A celebration for nothing

Your eyes are following
The kings and the queens of the zoo
Immune in their black clothing
They let the world down

And they let you go
Please don't go home now
Home is a place to rob
Home is alone in the mob
Home is an unheard sob

Jenny don't go home now
Please don't you go home now

Here you are again
Another stupid party again
Everyone here thinks that when they die
You will be there to let them in
Jenny don't go
Please don't go home now


Mark Eitzel performing "Jenny" on January 19, 2007 at Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY, US.


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