Grand World

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Grand World
Studio album by Cool For August
Released 1997
Label Warner Bros.
Producer Matt Serletic

Grand World is the debut album from Cool For August. A cover of American Music Club's "Big Night" appears on the album, featuring Mark Eitzel on additional vocals and Bruce Kaphan on pedal steel. This version also appeared on their 1997 MilkinSorgin EP.

Track listing

  1. "Don't Wanna Be Here"
  2. "Hope I'm Wrong"
  3. "Walk Away"
  4. "On & On"
  5. "Trials"
  6. "Big Night"
  7. "Of You"
  8. "Denial"
  9. "Sylmar"
  10. "Hey You"
  11. "Wheels"
  12. "New Song"