Brad Johnson

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Brad Johnson
Background information
Born Colorado
Occupation(s) musician, artist
Instruments bass, keyboards
Associated acts American Music Club
Virginia Dare
Wannabe Texans

Bradley Johnson is an artist and musician. Johnson grew up in Colorado and moved to Boston to study music in college. He played in a rockabilly band for a couple years on the east coast before moving to Berkeley, California and subsequently joining American Music Club.[1] He has also performed with Virginia Dare and Wannabe Texans, among others.

Brad Johnson with American Music Club

In 1983 Mark Eitzel brought in Johnson to play bass in the first incarnation of American Music Club. Eitzel knew Johnson from his day job and they soon began playing as a duo in local San Francisco cafes. Their initial songs were mainly written by Eitzel, although Johnson had some input on composition. They played under a variety of names before Scott Alexander joined the band and they settled on American Music Club, including the worst name Johnson could come up with - Wind Spirit. Johnson told Sean Body, "Up until then I was interested in instrumental music and jazz, but I got out of that once I met Mark."[2]

Johnson left the band in 1984 to take a job on a cruise ship, but returned to the band in 1985 as keyboardist, due to Danny Pearson now playing bass. Johnson left the band during their Restless Stranger European tour. Johnson later recorded some during the band's Engine sessions but did not rejoin the band in any capacity.[3] He later went on to create artwork for some AMC t-shirt designs, their 2004 Love Songs For Patriots album and their 2005 A Toast To You live album.

Brad Johnson with Mark Eitzel

Johnson created the artwork for Eitzel's Take Courage single, which was a cartoon of Eitzel soaking his feet near an old shack.


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