All My Life/This Is The Beautiful Night

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"All My Life/This Is The Beautiful Night"
Single by Naked Skinnies
from the album n/a
Released 1981
Format 7"
Label Tet Offensive

All My Life/This Is The Beautiful Night was the first and only single by Columbus, Ohio new wave band Naked Skinnies, featuring Mark Eitzel and Greg Bonnell. Some copies of the 7" come with an insert, but it is not usually present. "All My Life" was recorded at Recording Workshop while the b-side "This Is The Beautiful Night" was recorded at Piss Poor Productions.


All My Life lyrics

A thousand poisons in the window
A pointed face, he looks right at you
Abstract noise instigated
Separated, assassinated
Eyes are drifting in the night
Strung along behind a kind of ghost is twisting in your mind
The worm settles to a new position
Tangled inside its derision and its hatred or distant vision

All my life for someone to talk to

As you dance there's no one else
I get so cold watching your romance
Your idle trance
Your reflection in the window
It's on you now, that fascination
It's on you now, that desperation
Reach across and try to touch your position
In your eyes such a beautiful blackness
Let's all jump in a crevice
Let's fall in love
And settle on your sadness

All my life for someone to talk to

Now the innocence in my eyes is filled with all I despise
Even joy is a compromise and the deception
So let it go, it's really easy
Now everything you see looks ugly
I loved it once, yeah it was so pretty
I'll never say ____ is useless in your vacant stare
In the window hopeless as a prayer

All my life for someone to talk to
All my life

This Is The Beautiful Night lyrics


  • Rick Fugitt - layout
  • Tom Griffith - photography
  • The Naked Skinnies - producer, sleeve design