You Can Be Beautiful

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"You Can Be Beautiful"
Mean Mark Eitzel Gets Fat cover
Song by Mark Eitzel from the album Mean Mark Eitzel Gets Fat
Released 1982
Format CS
Label Self-released
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Mean Mark Eitzel Gets Fat track listing
  1. "Swinglow"
  2. "You Can Be Beautiful"
  3. "Hold On To Your Love"
  4. "I Speak French"
  5. "A Tall Black Lady"
  6. "Keep This Dance For Me"
  7. "Shadow Of My Name"

"You Can Be Beautiful" is the 2nd song on Mark Eitzel's debut album, 1982’s Mean Mark Eitzel Gets Fat. American Music Club reworked the song as "Point Of Desire", which appeared on their 1985 debut, The Restless Stranger.


In the middle of the ocean
where the boats won't go
for a second in your sleep
where the wind won't blow
guns are ready in the churches
where the sun won't shine

In a perfect world commit a perfect crime
You'll be happy when you are blind
Finally marching in a perfect line
in the shape of a pig sucking on a lime

I was looking for you
I found a shorter way
I went through a neighborhood
where they can steal your mind
I found the perfect violence
What did I find?

Let's see you happy
in the work you do
in the double talk adventure
where nothing is new
and dream of all the prizes
you will find
the way you walk away
after you've killed your time

A perfect world is a perfect crime
A trick of the trade works every time
at the bottom of a coffin
covered up in lime
You can be beautiful anytime

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