You'll Never Find Me

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"You'll Never Find Me"
Song by Grace Woodroofe from the album Always Want
Released 2010
Format CD
Label Modular Recordings
Black Swan Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Grace Woodroofe
Always Want track listing
  1. "I've Handled Myself Wrong"
  2. "Battles"
  3. "Transformer"
  4. "H."
  5. "Oh My God"
  6. "Nocturnal"
  7. "Bear"
  8. "Always Want"
  9. "You'll Never Find Me"

"You'll Never Find Me" is a song by Grace Woodroofe from her 2010 album, Always Want. Mark Eitzel co-wrote the song with Woodroofe.


I've been looking under
Trying to be the one to flee
Know there's no use searching
'Cause you'll never find me

Far too deep beneath the surface
Deep within the depth of you
Some day life will turn around
But you'll never find me

In the mirror of my mind
My thoughts are endless now
You want to make me feel better
But you'll never find me
You'll never find me

So I'll no longer be yours
And you'll no longer be mine
Choose to make your own way
'Cause you'll never find me
You'll never find me