To The Sea

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"To The Sea"
The Invisible Man cover
Song by Mark Eitzel from the album The Invisible Man
Released 2001
Format CD
Length 3:09
Label Matador Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Mark Eitzel
The Invisible Man track listing
  1. "The Boy With The Hammer In The Paper Bag"
  2. "Can You See?"
  3. "Christian Science Reading Room"
  4. "Sleep"
  5. "To The Sea"
  6. "Shine"
  7. "Steve I Always Knew"
  8. "Bitterness"
  9. "Anything"
  10. "Without You"
  11. "The Global Sweep Of Human History"
  12. "Seeing Eye Dog"
  13. "Proclaim Your Joy"

"To The Sea" is the 5th song on Mark Eitzel's 7th album, 2001's The Invisible Man.


With your hand over your heart
and your Boy Scout face,
you win a new merit badge
for a weakness for faith
for a love of strangers
for a love of dangers
that most people don't feel
because they don't really feel.
They're like tables and chairs
they're like forks and knives
they're like planes and trains -
hear 'em bump in the night -
and their souls aren't talking
they just wash up on the bank
and there their souls are beautiful
but finally start to stink.
Their souls aren't talking
and there are no choirs singing.
It's just the pull of the ocean
not even freedom is ringing.
It's just a river through Memphis
it's just a song by Led Zeppelin
You 'gotta whole lotta love'
They want the sound of heaven
and that was all you could give them.
That was all you could give them
for people wouldn't be caught dead
to be seen really living.

Grace is always forgotten but never forgiven

And I know all of this because I'm just like them
I'm like some dirty old spy outside the Garden of Eden
They say that fear is a gift, well it kept me breathing
You thought I was busy? Well I was just busy running
Running from your beauty
Some run from the devil
Some from their own history
Some run from their hopes
and some run to the sea
Stupid, don't you agree?

Grace is always forgotten but never forgiven.


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