The Oblivion Seeker

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The Oblivion Seeker
Studio album by Danny Pearson
Released 2004
Label Frozen Records

The Oblivion Seeker is the debut solo album from American Music Club multi-instumentalist Danny Pearson. The album was recorded at Tim Mooney's Closer Recording Studio.

Mark Eitzel wrote the song "Vulture And Hyena".

Track listing

  1. "Won't You Suspend Your Disbelief For Just One More Day"
  2. "Broken Hearts Are For Assholes"
  3. "Stalker"
  4. "The Shining Path"
  5. "You Drank Some Darkness And Have Become Visible"
  6. "Be Here Now"
  7. "Vulture And Hyena"
  8. "City Lights Bookstore"