The Last Ten Years

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"The Last Ten Years"
Hey Mr Ferryman cover
Song by Mark Eitzel from the album Hey Mr Ferryman
Released January 27, 2017
Format CD/LP
Length 4:17
Label Merge Records (US) / Decor Records (UK)
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Sheldon Gomberg
Hey Mr Ferryman track listing
  1. "The Last Ten Years"
  2. "An Answer"
  3. "The Road"
  4. "Nothing And Everything"
  5. "An Angel's Wing Brushed The Penny Slots"
  6. "In My Role As Professional Singer And Ham"
  7. "Mr Humphries"
  8. "La Llorona"
  9. "Just Because"
  10. "Sleep From My Eyes"

"The Last Ten Years" is the first song on Mark Eitzel's 11th studio album, 2017's Hey Mr Ferryman. An early version (as "Last 10 Years") can be found on Eitzel's 2013 self-released tour CD, Glory.

Mark Eitzel mentions in a 1992 interview in Musician magazine that the song at one point was called "I Spent The Last Five Years Trying To Waste Half An Hour."[1] The song was originally written in 1989 and along with an initial solo demo given to American Music Club, a full band studio version was recorded during the aborted Everclear sessions in December of 1989.[2]


Hey Mr Ferryman version

The ferryman
Who takes me to my rest
Don't give a damn
Who's cursed or blessed
Anyway, I give him all my cash
Like some tragic hero
A lightning flash
Followed by a million zeros

I spent the last ten years
Trying to waste half an hour

Every drunk is that VIP
Who only lives inside a rope
Where they show you all the love
Make mine a bourbon and Coke
I’m not lying, Mr. Ferryman
I always make it home
Though my house is built on sand
Buried deep under the loan

I spent the last ten years
Trying to waste half an hour

I had that real good time
And in the dawn
I saw all the love in the bartender's yawn
So Mr. Ferryman,
Do you party where you’re from
Do you know where to go
When the party is done

I never been to hell
But they sure got my number
They squirm inside my shell
To bring me my slumber
It must suck, Mr. Ferryman,
To hear the vanities talk
About the lies they need
Just to walk the walk

I spent the last ten years
Trying to waste half an hour

Glory version

I had a blast
I was out of my head
It killed my past
It was like it was dead
Spent all of my cash
Now I'm like night's tragic hero
A lightning flash then back to zero
I spent the last 10 years
Trying to waste half an hour

Look at me the VIP
I really am so dope
I'm feeling all the love
Bourbon and Coke
Like I tell the ferryman,
I always make it home
To a life that's built on sand
And others on the phone
I spent the last 10 years
Trying to waste half an hour

I got my card to get me out of jail
But they make it so easy
I mean you can't really fail
I mean they make it so easy
'Cause once you go to hell
You don't have a story
All those whistles and bells
They're called hope and glory
I spent the last 10 years
Trying to waste half an hour

Yeah I had a blast
And somehow still standing
I know I was the trash
But now I'm understanding
I know my mouth don't work
And hey it's not my party
Still I can't leave
'Cause I've always been lucky


Mark Eitzel performing "The Last Ten Years" on February 24, 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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