The Hula Maiden

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"The Hula Maiden"
United Kingdom cover
Song by American Music Club from the album United Kingdom
Released 1989
Format LP / CD
Length 3:18
Label Demon Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Tom Mallon
United Kingdom track listing
  1. "Here They Roll Down"
  2. "Dreamers Of The Dream"
  3. "Never Mind"
  4. "United Kingdom"
  5. "Dream Is Gone"
  6. "Heaven Of Your Hands"
  7. "Kathleen"
  8. "The Hula Maiden"
  9. "Animal Pen"

"The Hula Maiden" is the 8th song on American Music Club's fourth album, 1989’s United Kingdom. A studio version has not been released.

The song is said to be about a disastrous visit to Hawaii Mark Eitzel took. “It’s like a real bad Don Ho song, but I’m still true to the subject. That was hard to do.”[1]

Neil Hamburger covered the song for his 2008 Neil Hamburger Sings Country Winners album.


Well I got into Waikiki
And I spend my time up in the hotel room
No sunburn for me
No friends no family

Yes I see the view
Well I think I seen it somewhere before
Curled up on the sand
Curled up on the floor

And the hula maiden says
I'll give you everything for free
You're as hungry as the tide
That's drowning me

Well I took my big free ride
I went out to the big barbecue
And I got smashed on the beach
I was thinking about you

This is my big aloha
Brought to you from the volcano state
Where they serve up your soul
For $3.99 a plate

And the hula maiden says
I'll give you everything for free
Oh sugar you're as hungry as the tide
That's washing over me

And the hula maiden said
Oh darling I see it in your eyes
Well did you do it over here beautiful
Did you come here to die
Well she said did you come here to buy

Well this my big aloha
Coming to you from the volcano state
Where they lose track of your soul
And never bring you your spaghetti plate


American Music Club performing "The Hula Maiden" on September 2, 1989 at The Burro Room in Chico, CA, US.


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