The Horror

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"The Horror"
New Day Parade cover
Song by Cane 141 from the album New Day Parade
Released 2001
Format CD
Length 3:25
Label Decor Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel & Cane 141
New Day Parade track listing
  1. "New Day Parade"
  2. "The Horror"
  3. "Landing Rehearsal (A Reworking By Sean O'Hagan)"

"The Horror" is the 2nd song on Cane 141's 2001 single New Day Parade. Mark Eitzel co-wrote and sings on the song.


Her tears are free of sorrow
Free of yesterday and tomorrow
But I swear I can still hear her pacing in prison
Scratching at the scab of the unforgiven
And if you really want to forget her
Show her a love that lasts forever

It's good to be a fireman
and save the baby from the burn
But most who dive in the fire
give themselves no way to return
I know you'll make it your business to kill pain
Some would rather suffer in silence than complain
and with mercy you anesthetize every feeling
Without regard for the story you're strangulating
And if you really want to be some super life saver
then show her a love that will last forever
Show her a love that will last forever
Show her a love that will last forever
Yeah show her