The Grand Duchess Of San Francisco

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"The Grand Duchess Of San Francisco"
The Golden Age cover
Song by American Music Club from the album The Golden Age
Released 2008
Format CD
Length 2:46
Label Merge Records (US) / Cooking Vinyl (UK)
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Dave Trumfio
The Golden Age track listing
  1. "All My Love"
  2. "The John Berchman Victory Choir"
  3. "The Decibels And The Little Pills"
  4. "The Sleeping Beauty"
  5. "The Stars"
  6. "All The Lost Souls Welcome You To San Francisco"
  7. "Who You Are"
  8. "Windows On The World"
  9. "One Step Ahead"
  10. "The Dance"
  11. "I Know That's Not Really You"
  12. "On My Way"
  13. "The Grand Duchess Of San Francisco"

"The Grand Duchess Of San Francisco" is the last song on American Music Club's 9th album, 2008’s The Golden Age.


The Grand Duchess of San Francisco
She holds court every Thursday night
Watching the mirror at the disco
To see her stones touched by the light
She parties like she's won a war
Willing to die for a truth that no one sees
That her love pours from the heart of God
Though to the world it's just a disease
She hates to live in the spotlight
'Cause ain't life just a bitter pill
She hates to live in the spotlight
But it's an emptiness she can fill
Only men worry if they're not free
Philosophy - it makes her sigh
She serves at the pleasure of the king
And everything else she says is a lie
She hates to live in the spotlight
But honey who could refuse
She hates to live in the spotlight
But it's where she can't lose



  • Mark Eitzel - vocals, guitars, keyboards, additional production & editing
  • Vudi - guitars, accordion, keyboards
  • Sean Hoffman - bass guitar, backing vocals, guitar
  • Steve Didelot - drums, percussion, backing vocals, guitar

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