Tell It To The Lonely Fairy In The Forest

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"Tell It To The Lonely Fairy In The Forest"
Proclaim Your Joy cover
Song by Mark Eitzel
Released 2001
Format CD
Length 5:15
Label Matador Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Mark Eitzel

"Tell It To The Lonely Fairy In The Forest (A Rural Gambol)" is a b-side on Mark Eitzel's 2001 single Proclaim Your Joy.


Did you just escape from the halfway house
Did time drag behind those stone walls
Did you tire of always discussing your health
with your counselors Hecate and Horis
So put on your coat of many colors and go
to the lonely fairy in the forest

Did you just spend the last 10 years with the good time crowd
Were you proud to be a shining satellite around their bon fire
Did the morning reveal empty cans, cigarette buts and ringing ears
and the only way you had left to define justice
So steal your mother's fetish blindfold and go
to the lonely fairy in the forest

Is the bus you ride the 22 Mary Celeste
Are the other passengers cold and strange
Do they remind you that your life isn't really your own
Do your eyes sing the song of dust
So teach your pirate's parrot a Woody Guthrie song
and go to the lonely fairy in the forest

He's the kind of fish you fry if you dive into these waters
that are filled with old tires, moonlight and unhappy eels
where the hunger of the great beyond is beyond hunger
and the content of your heart only adds spice to their meal
So if you bring him a shot glass for his shot glass collection
and say, "My lonely fairy, but you're looking young and thin,"
Then mocking you he'll throw some new stars on the horizon
and throw a horoscope where only the good people win

Is your dream of serenity a broken watch
that you shake and shake but can't get ticking
Are the voices in your head paranoid alcoholics who
breathe in your face and say, "you know you deserve us"


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