Take Courage

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"Take Courage"
Single by Mark Eitzel
Released 1991
Format 7"
Recorded June 1990
Label Matador Records
Producer(s) Ben Melnick
Mark Eitzel singles chronology

"Take Courage"
"Proclaim Your Joy"

Take Courage is the first single released by Mark Eitzel, released in 1991 while American Music Club were still together. A different acoustic studio version of the song was included on his 1991 solo live album, Songs Of Love Live.


Take the rings off your fingers
as if they were tears
and find a new kind of beauty
to put a silver lining on your golden years
All your clever talk and your glamour
bright lies you don't hear anymore
You've gone so far out
all you want is the tide to take you back to the shore

Take courage
Take courage, said the sign

You used to wait for it every morning
Now you are looking so dumb
and they don't see you standing there
Trying to figure out why all your promises
left you hanging in mid-air
And you lost your war of words,
but your heart was strong.
You said, "the dirt can have my pretty things,
but to the earth my heart does not belong."



Also appears on

Track listing

Matador Records / OLE-016-7
  1. "Take Courage" (titled "On The Emblematic Use Of Jewelry As A Metaphor For The Dissolution Of Our Hopes And Dreams")
  2. "The Ecstatic Epiphany: A Celebration Of Youth And Beauty Past, Present And Future"