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Street Angel is a 1928 silent film by Frank Borzage. American Music Club were commissioned by the San Francisco International Film Festival to score the film, which they premiered on April 23, 2005 at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco. They went on to perform the score 7 more times in Europe and the United Kingdom in 2006. Marc Capelle initiated the Street Angel project; each year the SFIFF asks notable musicians to score a silent movie. Capelle told the SFGate, "They gave me several films to choose from including a Lillian Gish film that ends with her wandering into the Mojave Desert and dying."[1]

The score was comprised of original material written specifically for the movie, outside of "Love Is" from American Music Club's Love Songs For Patriots album. The band enlisted two professional whistlers, Carla Fabrizio and Kurt Stevenson, to accompany the performance. Also featured in the score is avant-garde percussionist William Winant, known for his collaborations with John Cage and Mr. Bungle. Although Winant already had an engagement for the night, he recorded percussive samples for the band to use at key moments. The band commissioned a toy maker to create caged, feathered robots that sing samples, almost a form of musique concrete, operated by Erik Shank.

Eitzel and Capelle with whistlers Fabrizio and Stevenson

The band has no plans to release the performance at this time.



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