Solo Acoustic Live 2005-2007

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Solo Acoustic Live 2005-2007
Live album by Mark Eitzel
Released March 5, 2021
Recorded Nottingham, 2004
Label Self-released
Producer Mark Eitzel
Mark Eitzel chronology

Copenhagen 2009
Solo Acoustic Live 2005-2007

Solo Acoustic Live 2005-2007 is a digital-only release released on Mark Eitzel's Bandcamp page.

The album was recorded live in Brighton, London and York between 2005-2007. Bonus track, The Stars, features backing by David Hurn, Abigail Hopkins and James O'Sullivan recorded in London 2007 at the Luminaire. The album was mastered by Chris Hartstonge.

"Marine Parade Intro" is just Eitzel's introduction to the next song, "I Live In This Place".

Track listing

  1. "Jenny"
  2. "Last Harbor"
  3. "One Step Ahead"
  4. "Marine Parade Intro"
  5. "I Live In This Place"
  6. "Western Sky"
  7. "Who You Are"
  8. "Outside This Bar"
  9. "Firefly"
  10. "All The Lost Souls Welcome You To San Francisco"
  11. "I Know That's Not Really You"
  12. "Heaven In Your Arms"
  13. "Myopic Books"
  14. "Johnny Mathis' Feet"
  15. "The Stars" - In Mono