Soap Opera Star

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Written in the autumn of 2000 and performed solo and with a band in late 2000 and the first half of 2001.


Once I spent the day with a soap opera star
and he was most handsome,
but I still wouldn't let him smoke pot in my car
We drove seven hours all the way from Silverlake
into the Mission
He was used to being loved
and I was stupid enough to argue my position
I said, "what do you do with those who have no guilty demons?
Or at least a lampshade to cover up the bloodstains
of their heart's disbelieving?
Or at least headlights in the eyes
of those who play the angels' concertina
where your fears are forgiven,
but you become the laughingstock of the wrestling arena"

Mirror, mirror on the wall
I know you give with one half and take with the other
Is there only more ugliness to reveal
where's the beauty that I've been waiting for forever?
Now it made me defensive
when he said that I had no self-esteem
Things flew out of my mouth
that I'm sure I didn't really mean
When I said his soap opera was a delusion
for those who refuse to dream
and if he ever had a passion
it was for hair care products and Listerine

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Is it all a wax museum, candy-coated and camouflaged -
Where's the beauty that I hide my true face from?

Well maybe you are one of the few
that have a natural talent for joy
And if that's true, then God bless you
I hope you don't let them make you into a toy
that would appeal to every girl and boy
as the perfect mask to employ
when killing the one you love