Roll Away My Stone

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"Roll Away My Stone"
Candy Ass cover
Song by Mark Eitzel from the album Candy Ass
Released 2005
Format CD
Label Cooking Vinyl
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Mark Eitzel
Candy Ass track listing
  1. "My Pet Rat St. Michael"
  2. "Cotton Candy Tenth Power"
  3. "Make Sure They Hear"
  4. "Sleeping Beauty"
  5. "A Loving Tribute To My City"
  6. "Homeland Pastoral"
  7. "Roll Away My Stone"
  8. "Green Eyes"
  9. "Cobh"
  10. "I Am Fassbinder"
  11. "Song Of The Mole"
  12. "Guitar Lover"

"Roll Away My Stone" is the 7th song on Mark Eitzel's 8th solo album, 2005's Candy Ass.


What's going to turn me into an honest man
What's going to scare the ghost out of my soul
I don't want to have to comfort another victim
I just want to learn to use the things that I stole
I got to roll my own stone away
When I was with you it made me less of a fake
A coward who has to make all the rules
Remember the charmer always becomes the snake
Who always feeds it hunger and never suffers a fool
I got to roll my own stone away

When you lost your heart you thought your life was poison
Only good to dissolve like sugar in water
Your love is a bell that rings underneath the ocean
Heartless as your preacher, your dealer and your mother
I got to roll my own stone away


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