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Remix album by The Paradise Motel
Released September 27, 1999
Length 37:03
Label Infectious Records, Mushroom Records
Producer Victor Van Vugt
The Paradise Motel chronology

Flight Paths
Australian Ghost Story
Alternative cover
The cover used for later copies of Flight Paths that included Reworkings
The cover used for later copies of Flight Paths that included Reworkings

Reworkings is an album by the Australian rock band The Paradise Motel. It is made up of remixes of previously released songs remixed by other acts. A remix of the song "The Trees" by Lee Ranaldo entitled "Lee's Trees" was released as a single.[1]

The album was also issued as an accompanying CD to later copies of the previous album Flight Paths.[2]

This was the last album released by the band before splitting up the following year. The album 'The Winter of Our Discothèque' was recorded later in 1999 but remains unreleased.[3]

Involvement with Mark Eitzel

Mark Eitzel and Bruce Kaphan remixed the track "Cities" on the album.

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Lee's Trees (Lee Ranaldo remix)"   4:07
2. "Drive (Mogwai remix)"   4:04
3. "Hollywood Landmines (Juniper remix) by Leo Wyndham"   3:55
4. "Cities (Mark Eitzel remix) by Mark Eitzel and Bruce Kaphan"   4:28
5. "Four Degrees (Trout remix) by Hefner"   3:14
6. "Derwent River Star (Echoboy remix) by Echoboy"   4:43
7. "BH Rock (Bows remix) by Bows"   6:48


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