Raymond Meeks

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Raymond Meeks
Born 1963
Occupation photographer
Website www.raymondmeeks.com

Raymond Meeks is an Ohio-born photographer, recognized for his books and pictures centered on family and place. In November 2014, a mid-career retrospective of his books was organized by Light Work in Syracuse, NY. The exhibition featured more than twenty books, including self-published works and numerous volumes from a variety of publishers.

In 2011, Meeks and publisher Kevin Messina (Silas Finch) co-founded Orchard Journal, which was established as a collaborative conversation between artist, subject and viewer. Featured artists have included Wes Mill, Deborah Luster and Mark Steinmetz.

Meeks is currently at work on a new set of Journals under the title Dumbsaint, to be published by TIS Books. Vol. 1, Township (Sept 2017), is in collaboration with Tim Carpenter and Adrianna Ault, guest edited and with a short story by Brad Zellar. Meeks is a 2016 recipient of the Siskind Fellowship Grant.

He graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in social anthropology.

Involvement with American Music Club

Meeks photographed American Music Club for the band photos used in their 1994 album San Francisco.