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Background information
Born Detroit, MI
Occupation(s) musician
Instruments voice
Associated acts American Music Club

Omewenne is a surrealistic, neoclassical, experimental, dark-wave artist whose voice has a large range. Her music delves into the psychological as well as the mythical. She is a British citizen and lives near Truro. She self-released a number of albums from the late 1980s through the late 1990s and, after a long break, issued Tiamat in 2016.


Omewenne was adopted in Detroit, Michigan and travelled to Japan as a child. She was influenced by what she experienced there as well as the many other parts of the USA in which she has lived. Omewenne was educated in the arts from the age of four beginning with visual art. She ventured into writing and was published in her early teens in a children's literary magazine which she never got to see due to her family moving about as much as they did, as her adopted father was a Navy Commander.

Omewenne was a reclusive child who preferred her own company and that of her many cats. She experienced paranormal occurrences from an early age and grew interested in metaphysics. Illness plagues much of her life from physical to psychological. Much of this is due to abuse throughout her childhood. Her family began as Catholic and began to veer towards the more fanatical faiths of Christianity judging Omewenne to be possessed of devils, the black sheep who did not believe. In fact, Omewenne is an animist.

Musical career

During her teens Omewenne discovered theatre as a way of being able to climb out of the cage her body had become. She studied at San Francisco Community College, frequently dropping out because of emotional breakdowns and illness. She emerged four years later with an Associate of the Arts degree primarily for her work in theatre. During this time she was more likely to be writing little dirges on her 4-track in her dark little studio apartments in various seedy neighborhoods in San Francisco.

Her first three complete recordings: Woes of a Jilted Bride, Along the Shallow Shores, and Halloween were distributed by Chuck Collison and Rozz Williams' cassette label The Happiest Tapes On Earth. Another eight tapes came forth that same year or so (1988/9) and were distributed any other way Omewenne could manage. She contributed to a compilation of songs Fairytales and Myths for a Belgian label. She was a guest vocalist on duets with Grux on a Caroliner Rainbow release. In the 1990s she appeared on Cleopatra's Merry Maladies comp which featured her best known songs "Nautilus" and "Waves" which she worked on with Michael Richard, Tom Marzella, Stephen Heinen, Carolyn Engleman (special guest) and recorded by Joe Goldring (Toiling Midgets). Another recording from a much earlier period came soon after on the Timmykat Records comp Milkshake, a benefit for the Harvey Milk Institute which placed Omewenne alongside sadcore emissaries Red House Painters among others. Other artists from Brian Jonestown Massacre's Anton, to filmmaker Gus Van Sant, to eighties pop star Johnny Dollars, to name a few were growing intrigued with the aura of her performances and recordings. She appeared on stage and in the cinema with The Sick and Twisted Players, Rob Nilsson, Margot Kidder, Don McKellar, Alexis Arquette, director Stephen Kijak, and as Nico in a self written play about the life of that influence. Weary with rejection from the music labels, unable to be placed in a genre, struggled on with a tribute to her belated old boyfriend Rozz Williams with an unreleased cover of "Ashes" and another "In Winds of Time My Body"- a poem by Rozz put to the music of Omewenne, oddly referred to as "a breezy little number" in one review.

Involvement with American Music Club

Omewenne was in a relationship with Vudi at the time and sang backing vocals on American Music Club's "Hello Amsterdam" from their 1994 album San Francisco. In Omewenne's bio, she states that the experience came to be because, "no one else showed up."


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