Oh Mercy

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"Oh Mercy"
Don't Be A Stranger cover
Song by Mark Eitzel from the album Don't Be A Stranger
Released 2012
Format CD/LP
Length 4:03
Label Merge Records (US) / Decor Records (UK)
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Sheldon Gomberg
Don't Be A Stranger track listing
  1. "I Love You But You're Dead"
  2. "The Bill Is Due"
  3. "All My Love"
  4. "Oh Mercy"
  5. "Costume Characters Face Dangers In The Workplace"
  6. "Why Are You With Me"
  7. "Lament For Bobo The Clown"
  8. "Break The Champagne"
  9. "We All Have To Find Our Own Way Out"
  10. "You're Waiting"
  11. "Nowhere To Run"

"Oh Mercy" is the 4th song on Mark Eitzel's 10th album, 2012's Don't Be A Stranger.


Please please invite me to your party
'Cause I was alone so much when I was young
I'm a good guest, I could say almost nothing
And I could almost like almost anyone

And I haven't talked to anyone in days
But look, I brought all this imported beer
And it's far too easy to be alone
It's far too easy to disappear

Oh mercy, oh mercy
You're a sight for my sore eyes
You know I just want to believe, honey
The road will rise

And I got party talk for all your party guests
My topics include fascism and rising crime
And when I outline the coming doom of the USA
Will that'll ensure everyone's good time

I'll turn the talk as bright as falling leaves
Like it's a good time even though it's rotten
And I'll lead a drunken cheers to the brave pioneers
Who give all they have and are forgotten

Oh mercy, oh mercy
I'm tired of goodbyes
I just wanna believe, honey
The road will rise

I swear they'll love the four dirty jokes I know
I swear I'll hit the kitchen like dynamite
I'll even clean up the mess when I smash my glass
I'm lost, I'm lost but it's alright

Oh mercy, oh mercy
Don't look in my sore eyes
I just want to believe, honey
The road will rise

And who, who, who am I
I'm a ghost drifting by


Mark Eitzel performing "Oh Mercy" on March 2, 2013 in Manchester, England.

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