No Easy Way

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No Easy Way
No Easy Way
Directed by Jeffrey Fine
Produced by Eileen M. Chambers
Written by Patrick Tobin
Starring Khandi Alexander, Alan Boyce
Music by Mark Eitzel & Bruce Kaphan
Cinematography Steven Douglas Smith
Edited by Pamela Raymer
Distributed by Redwood Communications
Release date
Running time
107 minutes
Country USA
Language English

No Easy Way is a 1996 film directed by Jeffrey Fine and starring Khandi Alexander and Alan Boyce. The movie was released on DVD in 2003, however the soundtrack was never released.


Matthew Livingston (Alan Boyce), a pianist living in Los Angeles, is devastated when he is diagnosed with AIDS. Preferring solitude to a support system, Matthew tells neither family nor friends of his illness, but a chance meeting with Diana Campbell (Khandi Alexander), a single mother scrambling for change on the streets, results in a friendship. As Diana helps Matthew deal with his denial about his condition, he fights to make sure her troubled teenage sons stay on the right track.


Original music for the film was composed by Mark Eitzel and Bruce Kaphan. The music is mostly instrumental, with some vocal tracks from Eitzel.

Vocal tracks

"Lighthouse For The Blind"
Some faces give nothing away
Like shadows they drift across the day
and to waste the light is such a crime
on my way to the lighthouse of the blind

I wish my hands were free of stain
I wish that sight wasn't always a strain
I know it's hidden deep in the design
on my way to the lighthouse for the blind

"Refuge In The Truth"
For a seed to take root in such poor soil
Not even the millions of a miser could fertilize
We could be left for the traffic and plow into the night
One more for the dawn to hypnotize

If I can take refuge in what tomorrow's supposed to bring
If I can take refuge in a sad song that it sings
If I can take refuge in always having couth
then you can take refuge in the truth

I know so much, my blood runs with ash
Just like Vesuvius or maybe Johnny Cash
Was I born innocent or was I born a fool
If you never give anything away what you got turns against you

If I can find refuge in this beautiful night
If I can find refuge making sure I'm always right
If I can find refuge reliving all the dreams of youth,
then you can find refuge in the truth

"Nothing Is Going To Touch Me"
Nothing's ever gonna touch me
Nothing's gonna tear me apart
I'm okay, I'm okay
'cause I'm half apart

Nothing's ever gonna touch me
Nothing's gonna tear me apart
I'm okay, I'm okay
'cause I'm half apart

Your sundial blind face watches the clouds pass you over
They rob you of your powers and disappear from view
Your magic trick doves add up to zero stuffed with cotton wool
They try not to see you, just to fly the jet stream above us all

Like a meteor that falls,
it doesn't know what's waiting for it in the air
Project on to stars your breath and despair
Our hopes are even beyond what we can remember
Our hopes are even beyond our hunger

"Things You Already Know"