Never Fall Asleep

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"Never Fall Asleep"
Hey Mr Ferryman cover
Song by Mark Eitzel from the album Hey Mr Ferryman Bonus Disc
Released January 27, 2017
Format CD
Label Decor Records (UK)
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Hey Mr Ferryman Bonus Disc track listing
  1. "Let Me Go"
  2. "The Singer (For Jason Molina)"
  3. "An Answer" (Alternative Mix)
  4. "Your Ghost"
  5. "An Angel's Wing Brushed The Penny Slots" (Demo)
  6. "The Last Ten Years" (Demo)
  7. "Stay Stay Stay" (Demo)
  8. "Never Fall Asleep" (Demo)
  9. "Nothing And Everything" (Demo)
  10. "Just Because" (Demo)
  11. "Mr Humphries" (Battersea Session)
  12. "An Answer" (Battersea Session)

"Never Fall Asleep" is the 8th song on the limited edition bonus disc of Mark Eitzel's 11th studio album, 2017's Hey Mr Ferryman.


They offer no explanation
In their granite lies your horizon
And you learn how to offer your throat
Just to keep your seat on the boat
Dreams are like regrets
That's where your heart is settled

End over end and spinning in the deep
Never fall asleep, never fall asleep

They offer nothing
No good or bad wishes
Either you are useful or you're used like dishes
Dreams are like regrets
They're measured up as debts

And if you have treasure that you wanna keep
Never fall asleep
Never fall asleep

You let no one love you and now you're a creep
Never fall asleep
Never fall asleep