Mr. Lucky

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"Mr. Lucky"
The Restless Stranger cover
Song by American Music Club from the album The Restless Stranger
Released 1985
Format LP
CD (1998 reissue)
Length 2:42
Label Grifter Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Tom Mallon
The Restless Stranger track listing
  1. "Room Above The Club"
  2. "$1,000,000 Song"
  3. "Away Down My Street"
  4. "Yvonne Gets Dumped"
  5. "Mr. Lucky"
  6. "Point Of Desire"
  7. "Goodbye Reprise #54"
  8. Tell Yourself
  9. "When Your Love Is Gone"
  10. "Heavenly Smile"
  11. "Broken Glass"
  12. Hold On To Your Love

"Mr. Lucky" is the 5th song on American Music Club's debut album, 1985's The Restless Stranger.


Hey here's my friend!
I want you to be really nice 'cause he's an asshole!
Sit down and shut up!
Mr. Lucky just got my name
Got me booked on a flight somewhere
Mr. Lucky just got my name
Oh baby baby, I never play fair

Let's go and do it, my lucky dance
Can you strike fear in your heart
And so I go and do it, my lucky dance
Oh baby baby, don't you want to be my victim?

Here's a lonely hunter, hiding from the victim
Here's a lonely victim, crying at night
Here's the lonely eyes of the lonely victim
Here's those lonely eyes shivering with fright
Baby, here's the most beautiful thing you wanted to do
Here they all are, I kept them for you
Oh they changed, they're in another form
I hope they make you happy
I hope anything you want!

I saw you stumble with your face all bruised,
with your body all maimed
And arms around you
I could reach deep down into your brain
Take anything I want, anything I need
I could reach deep down into your brain
Take anything I need, anything I want
Mister let me just get my name
Oh baby baby, I don't care!!!
I never play fair
No I don't
Mr., Mr. Lucky
Mr. Lucky
Never play fair
I don't play fair



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