Memo From Bernal Heights

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"Memo From Bernal Heights"
1984-1995 cover
Song by American Music Club from the album 1984-1995
Released 2004
Format CD
Length 3:33
Label Undertow Music
Writer(s) Vudi
Producer(s) American Music Club
1984-1995 track listing
  1. "Sick Of Food"
  2. "If I Had A Hammer"
  3. "Nightwatchman"
  4. "Outside This Bar"
  5. "Hold On To Your Love"
  6. "L.A. Is My Woman" (Demo)
  7. "Laughingstock"
  8. "Chanel #5"
  9. "Firefly"
  10. "Challenger"
  11. "I Always Knew" (Demo)
  12. "Away Down My Street" (Live At Hotel Utah)
  13. "Kathleen" (Live At Hotel Utah)
  14. "Sleeping Pills" (Demo)
  15. "Memo From Bernal Heights"
  16. "Western Sky"
  17. "Why Won't You Stay"
  18. "Last Harbor"
  19. "Love Connection NYC" (Demo)
  20. "I'm In Heaven Now" (Human Music compilation version)
  21. "The Confidential Agent" (Rough Mix)

"Memo From Bernal Heights" is the 15th song on American Music Club's compilation album, 2004's 1984-1995. The album is a collection of outtakes, demos, live performances and album tracks spanning their initial 11-year career. "Memo From Bernal Heights" was one of the rare AMC songs written and sung by Vudi. The song, originally recorded during the 1992 Mercury demo sessions, was unreleased until the 1984-1995 compilation.


Let’s go down to take a look
She said she reads me like an open book
For all you know and all you care
Well, I might soon go up in smoke

As we walked along the highway
The sun shone down just like a curse
The dust around our feet was a judgment
And it’s getting worse - you say, “it’s getting worse”

Walked our dogs down on the promenade
Seen them straining at the leash
And she likened me unto them
She said, “Your dream is just out of reach,”
She said, “The hell that you don’t dare think.
Maybe you’re living here and now -
you live in honky-tonks and discotechs.
You calling that living, boy,
you don’t know how.”

Well it’s time for me to go
My heart is heavy, my head is hanging low
If there’s one scene i don’t need to check out
One place i don’t want to know
Where it’s always hot and smelly
Lord it’s slippery near the edge
Where many a good man has shown resistance
In falling in the devil’s rim