Memo From Aquatic Park

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"Memo From Aquatic Park"
Cover for Keep Me Around single
Song by American Music Club
Released 1993
Format CD
Length 3:17
Label Reprise Records
Producer(s) American Music Club

"Memo From Aquatic Park" is a b-side from American Music Club's 1993 single Keep Me Around. The song was written by Vudi and Tim Mooney, and Vudi also sings lead vocals.


There's an elephant hunter
and I'm still alone on the city pier
Casting my lines as they come rollin' in off the bay
She said, 'come down, take me down again
and I'll blow your mind'

Well that's where I'll walk
That's where I'll live
When you gone away

If you're laughing at me
Well I guess I don't mind
and if you're gonna miss me
There's nothing more that you could say
It's just the conversation I'll share with myself
At the end of a night

That's where I'll walk
That's where you'll live
When I'm gone away

You got me tired
Baby why do you have to run and hide
Miss the glimmer and the sheen
Our glimmering elephantine