Love Doesn't Belong

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"Love Doesn't Belong"
San Francisco cover
Song by American Music Club from the album San Francisco
Released October 1994
Format LP / CD / CS
Length 4:22
Label Reprise Records (US) / Virgin Records (UK)
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Joe Chicarelli / American Music Club
San Francisco track listing
  1. "Fearless"
  2. "It's Your Birthday"
  3. "Can You Help Me"
  4. "Love Doesn't Belong"
  5. "Wish The World Away"
  6. "How Many Six Packs Does It Take To Screw In A Light"
  7. "Cape Canaveral"
  8. "Hello Amsterdam"
  9. "The Revolving Door"
  10. "In The Shadow Of The Valley"
  11. "What Holds The World Together"
  12. "I Broke My Promise"
  13. "The Thorn In My Side Is Gone"
  14. "I'll Be Gone"
  15. "Fearless (Reprise)"
  16. "California Dreamin'"
  17. "I Just Took My Two Sleeping Pills And Now I'm Like A Bridegroom Standing At The Altar"

"Love Doesn't Belong" is the 4th song on American Music Club's seventh album, 1994’s San Francisco.


An agony waiting for someone to tell you to shut up
But don't stop even if there's no moon to hold you
Or any other lifeless rock
I can tell you put all your hopes into the shoes you buy
Your loneliness has feet that walk, it's got wings that fly
And it does sing a song
Love doesn't belong to anyone

They don't see the coffin only the nails
Their lights' too bright for your home movies
They'll set you adrift, disappointed and starving
But never as hungry as the sharks
Your desperate suit made out of puppet strings
doesn't last very long
Desperate in the quiet you're sinking below
Mouthing the words to some old sixties song
A quiet song
Love doesn't belong to anyone

When you're finally silenced and led into alleys
And led into dark corners where no one can hear
Where what you say doesn't lead anywhere
but darker corners of your fear
There must be more to it
than the pilgrim's hateful dream of love and peace
I know I've had that vision too
An old key on a rusty chain of keys
A key that turns you your whole life long
Love doesn't belong to anyone



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