Live On WFMU

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Live On WFMU
Live album by Mark Eitzel
Released 2001
Label Self-released
Producer Mark Eitzel
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Eitzel Superhits International
Live On WFMU
Music For Courage And Confidence

Live On WFMU is limited edition CD from Mark Eitzel, sold on the 2001 Invisible Man tour, and subsequently through The album was recorded live on WFMU radio, April 16, 2001. The disc was sold in a blank card sleeve that Eitzel typically autographed or drew on, and features live performances with interviews scattered through.

Track listing

  1. "Sleep"
  2. "Christian Science Reading Room"
  3. "Can You See?"
  4. "To The Sea"
  5. "Shine"
  6. "Proclaim Your Joy"
  7. "Steve I Always Knew"
  8. "Anything"
  9. "Take Courage"