Little Joy

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"Little Joy"
Atwater Afternoon cover
Song by American Music Club from the album Atwater Afternoon
Released 2008
Format CD
Label Undertow Music
Writer(s) Vudi
Atwater Afternoon track listing
  1. "City Lights"
  2. "All My Love"
  3. "For The Good Times"
  4. "I'm Your Puppet"
  5. "Long Long Walk"
  6. "Little Joy"
  7. "One Step Ahead"
  8. "Who You Are"
  9. "All The Lost Souls Welcome You To San Francisco"
  10. "Insider's Guide To Life"
  11. "Hello Amsterdam"
  12. "Home"
  13. "Western Sky"

"Little Joy" is the 6th song on American Music Club's 2008 tour CD, Atwater Afternoon. The song was written and sung by Vudi.


I wanna say my prayers
Oh lotus moon
Emerging from the black lagoon

Little joy
Little joy is a-comin'
Better make some room

She got sunken eyes
She got tattered clothes
She got a hollow leg
And a runny nose

Little joy
Little joy is a-comin'
Wanna take her home

When sorrow comes
Don't sorrow much
To your chest with a blundered bust

Little joy
Little joy is a-comin'
Well, what the fuck

It's a bust


  1. Mark Eitzel - guitar
  2. Vudi - vocals, guitar
  3. Steve Didelot - bass
  4. Sean Hoffman - drums