Keep Me Around

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"Keep Me Around"
Single by American Music Club
from the album Mercury
Released 1993
Format CD / CS
Length 2:57
Label Virgin Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Mitchell Froom
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"Keep Me Around"
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Keep Me Around promotional 12"
Keep Me Around 1993 NME advertisement

"Keep Me Around" is the 7th song on American Music Club's 1993 album, Mercury, and the 2nd single released from the album. The single was released on CD and cassingle by Virgin Records in the UK. Additionally, a single-sided 12" was issued to radio.


There’s so little love left in my heart for anyone
I’m like an ant on your map
You can see me going down the drain

Will you keep me around

I’ve got nothing to hold on to
The sound the air makes as I fall
Is like a laugh that was torn
From way nothing was before
From when things just seemed the same
How did I get so far down

Will you keep me around

If you don’t want me, why don’t you say
Why don’t you tell me
I’ve been cut off for so long from anyone
My face is like a broken map and I can’t go anywhere

Will you keep me around



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  2. "In My Role As The Most Hated Singer In The Local Underground Music Scene"
  3. "Memo From Aquatic Park"
  4. "Walking Tune"