Job To Do

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"Job To Do"
Love Songs For Patriots cover
Song by American Music Club from the album Love Songs For Patriots
Released 2004
Format LP / CD
Length 5:04
Label Merge Records (US) / Cooking Vinyl (UK) / Devil In The Woods (UK LP)
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Mark Eitzel / Tim Mooney
Love Songs For Patriots track listing
  1. "Ladies And Gentlemen"
  2. "Another Morning"
  3. "Patriot's Heart"
  4. "Love Is"
  5. "Job To Do"
  6. "Only Love Can Set You Free"
  7. "Mantovani The Mind Reader"
  8. "Home"
  9. "Myopic Books"
  10. "America Loves The Minstrel Show"
  11. "The Horseshoe Wreath In Bloom"
  12. "Song Of The Rats Leaving The Sinking Ship"
  13. "The Devil Needs You"
  14. "1000 Miles"

"Job To Do" is the 5th song on American Music Club's 8th album, 2004’s Love Songs For Patriots.


I cross the street to avoid her No, I can't live with her eyes Would it stain my hands to touch her? Would her smile take me the way gravity takes the sky? Maybe some were born to run, maybe some were to born to smile on you

Everyone has a job to do Everyone has a job to do

I see her everyday - she has a silver lining that I can't shake She's like something I threw away A voice in a dream that says, "Oh love, come awake," Some wanna show you were the light is Some only wanna stare at the view

Everyone has a job to do Everyone has a job to do

I know God is on my side He's a prisoner who stares, who stares out of my eyes and the prisoner, He don't care He don't care Some need walls to be happy and some need to make the horizon blue

Everyone has a job to do Everyone has a job to do



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