In Your Life

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"In Your Life"
West cover
Song by Mark Eitzel from the album West
Released 1997
Format CD
Length 4:04
Label Warner Bros. Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel & Peter Buck
Producer(s) Mark Eitzel & Peter Buck
West track listing
  1. "If You Have To Ask"
  2. "Free Of Harm"
  3. "Helium"
  4. "Stunned & Frozen"
  5. "Then It Really Happens"
  6. "In Your Life"
  7. "Lower Eastside Tourist"
  8. "Three Inches Of Wall"
  9. "Move Myself Ahead"
  10. "Old Photographs"
  11. "Fresh Screwdriver"
  12. "Live Or Die"
In Your Life promo CD

"In Your Life" is the 6th song on Mark Eitzel's 4th album, 1997’s West. A one-track promotional CD was issued to press and radio, but a commercial release never came to fruition.

Peter Buck has said that the song was initially a demo for R.E.M.[1]


Time doesn't have any exit signs, just lights that string you along
The vacancy you're forced to fill is only going to prove that you were wrong
And you're forced to listen, that you have nothing left

In your life, you had it
You threw away your life
Throw it to me

Don't ever trust their projection
Just gonna lead you nowhere
Just gonna lead you into marking time
They say you should embrace the danger,
so cross the street into the traffic
You know you'll be okay
Just let them go on by
You're stuck with me - I'm hanging by...

A road that only leads you, leads you under mine,
gives you no chance to breathe

They threw you in the deep end and they left you floating
Stood on the sidelines and laughed at your place in life
Now you can't do the dog paddle and it's humiliating
Guessing games and calling names: undermined by love and life
Scattered sun and terror: doesn't make it any clearer
You can't say return to sender

In your life
I live in your life
and that's all that saves me


Mark Eitzel & Peter Buck interview and acoustic performance of "In Your Life" on The Spud Goodman Show in 1997.

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