I Am Fassbinder

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"I Am Fassbinder"
Candy Ass cover
Song by Mark Eitzel from the album Candy Ass
Released 2005
Format CD
Label Cooking Vinyl
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Mark Eitzel
Candy Ass track listing
  1. "My Pet Rat St. Michael"
  2. "Cotton Candy Tenth Power"
  3. "Make Sure They Hear"
  4. "Sleeping Beauty"
  5. "A Loving Tribute To My City"
  6. "Homeland Pastoral"
  7. "Roll Away My Stone"
  8. "Green Eyes"
  9. "Cobh"
  10. "I Am Fassbinder"
  11. "Song Of The Mole"
  12. "Guitar Lover"

"I Am Fassbinder" is the 10th song on Mark Eitzel's 8th solo album, 2005's Candy Ass. The song borrows part of the vocal melody from an earlier American Music Club demo, "Good For You".


God help me I think I'm about to die
And guess what, I wasted my whole life
All the times I hurt you with my lies
Can you see any sunlight left in my eyes

That's why I had to push you away
Can you find something in me to love


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