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Love Songs For Patriots cover
Song by American Music Club from the album Love Songs For Patriots
Released 2004
Format LP / CD
Length 4:27
Label Merge Records (US) / Cooking Vinyl (UK) / Devil In The Woods (UK LP)
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Mark Eitzel / Tim Mooney
Love Songs For Patriots track listing
  1. "Ladies And Gentlemen"
  2. "Another Morning"
  3. "Patriot's Heart"
  4. "Love Is"
  5. "Job To Do"
  6. "Only Love Can Set You Free"
  7. "Mantovani The Mind Reader"
  8. "Home"
  9. "Myopic Books"
  10. "America Loves The Minstrel Show"
  11. "The Horseshoe Wreath In Bloom"
  12. "Song Of The Rats Leaving The Sinking Ship"
  13. "The Devil Needs You"
  14. "1000 Miles"
Promotional CD

"Home" is the 8th song on American Music Club's 8th album, 2004’s Love Songs For Patriots. A promotional single was released by Cooking Vinyl to press and radio, which included the album version and a radio edit of the song and an edit of "The Horseshoe Wreath In Bloom".

Mark Eitzel told The Guardian about the impetus for the song, stating, "There's a bar called the 33 Hundred club, where old men go to die. I was an old man, and I went to this bar for my last drink at 1:30, before stumbling home at 2. I was staring at my last drink, wanting nothing more than to stare at it and drink and be an old man. This kid sat down next to me, very good looking but I don't care. He says, 'Hey, how you doin'?' Fuck. I would not look at him, but he would not stop. He's like, 'How are you?' 'Fine'. 'What do you do?' 'I'm having a drink.' He's an anomaly in this place 'cause he's under the age of 50 and he's not fucked up. He started talking at me, and I'm like, 'Well ... whaddyado?' Then he says, 'Well, I'm a deep psychedelic house DJ.' I said, 'Great! That's great.' I think he thought it would really blow me away, but I just saw his brain shrink to the size of a pinhead. He says, 'Have you ever heard of that?' 'Yes. No. I don't care.'

"I just wasn't being friendly enough to him. He said to me: 'You know what your trouble is?' I said, 'What?' 'You have to live with more love in your heart. I said, 'I really don't need somebody with some post-ecstasy revelation to give me some bullshit about what I fucking need or don't need in my motherfucking heart.'

"And he wouldn't stop. He said, 'No, really, you need more love in your heart. I have a beautiful woman waiting for me at home and we have great sex every night ...' And I'm ready to kill him! I didn't have anyone waiting for me at home and I just wanted to finish my drink. So I gave up. I said, 'You know what? Leave me the fuck alone, I just came in here to have a fucking drink, not fucking talk with you. And I'm sorry, but you're the one who started talking to me and this is what you fucking get. Fuck off.' And I left, and walked home, and I felt kind of bad, because he was just trying to make conversation at a bar, and I thought, the only thing left in this whole world that even bothers to hate you now is your pride, which was the start of the song. And I made it home. I stumbled home."[1]


It's easy to leave
It's hard to stay behind and rest
With all the stupid things I believe
and watch my life drift like dust
I hope I make it to a warm heart
I hope that's where I belong
I hope I don't end up out of breath
Wherever the washed up are hung

I'm afraid of my own shadow because it's what I've become
Why do I waste my time with people who'll never love anyone?
My only sin, my only sin: I started hating my own skin
I hope I make it home

I got lost and the road dragged on and on
I couldn't remember what I was chasing
No, or what I had become
I always thought my life looked much better at a distance
Now I'm just another set of eyes lost in the blur
and the only thing left in this world that bothers to hate me
is my pride
No one sees me, they don't need to to know I slipped away with the tide

I hope I make it home
I got lost, I started hating my own skin


American Music Club performing "Home" on October 8, 2008 in Zagreb, Croatia.


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