Hells Angels

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"Hells Angels"
Glory cover
Song by Mark Eitzel from the album Glory
Released 2013
Format CD
Label Self-released
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Mark Eitzel
Glory track listing
  1. "The Road"
  2. "I Missed You"
  3. "I Hope We Can"
  4. "To Live"
  5. "You Know No One's There"
  6. "It's Alright"
  7. "Robs Your Grave"
  8. "Numbers"
  9. "Hells Angels"
  10. "Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes"
  11. "Lemme Hear The Music"

"Hells Angels" is the 9th song on Mark Eitzel's limited edition tour album, 2013's Glory.


We're a couple of drunks yelling curses at a bar
We're kicking all the musical chairs away
You say our love is doomed because you will want children some day
And please don't kiss my face, oh it is not a public thing
And I can't figure out if you wanna kill me
Or if you want to buy me a wedding ring
Feel life happens too fast
And you can't follow what it's done or sent
And daylight sits shell-shocked in your eyes
It's like the sky throws rocks at your hands
And honey I don't mind if you're insane
Because yeah it's crazy to believe
And 98% of is drowned
And tide we leave and leave and leave
Of course you're drawing the Hells Angel
And get a gun and suck on a nitrous balloon
And live by the outlaw's hard bitter rules
A shelter from the storm is only a tomb
Yesterday in the dark I saw you walk
On the way to exile on past the bars
To that happy place where destiny speaks
With the quiet peace of a crashing car
You know the Hells Angel don't like our kind
But maybe that's what you were born to be
The knife is always twisted in your gut
And only the highway can make you free
And honey you're a hot dog on your hock
Over a v-twin only angels are found
And the sunset shines like the exile's find
And maybe that's where you are bound