Hello Amsterdam

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"Hello Amsterdam"
Single by American Music Club
from the album San Francisco
Released 1995
Format CD
Length 3:21
Label Reprise Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Joe Chicarelli / American Music Club
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"Hello Amsterdam"
Hello Amsterdam promo CD

"Hello Amsterdam" is the 8th song on American Music Club's 1994 album, San Francisco, and the last single released from the album. The EP was originally to be headed up by "I'll Be Gone" but that was scrapped for "Hello Amsterdam" in its place with the same track list as the canceled single. This would be the final American Music Club release for 9 years.


Hello Amsterdam my name is Fernando
Hello Amsterdam I bet you've seen my kind before
Another sad tourist with his eyes rolling in his head
Another sad tourist who never had a drink before

Hello Amsterdam you didn't like my Waterloo
Hello Amsterdam I wish I had something to offer you
Tail between my leg I crawl back to the canal
All alone with my eyes rolling like the moon


There once was a white elephant
that escaped from the zoo
Got to the big city and didn't know what to do
Had a sticker on his shirt that said,
'Hello my name is unclean'
I swear they would have liked us
if we'd played Dancing Queen

Hello Amsterdam don't I look cool in my white shirt
Hello Amsterdam don't I look hip in my red tie
We came from America so you could share in the pride
Guilt, greed, and genocide



Track listing

  1. "Hello Amsterdam"
  2. "I Just Took My Two Sleeping Pills And Now I'm Like A Bridegroom Standing At The Altar"
  3. "The President's Test For Physical Fitness"
  4. "On A Clear Day You Can See Forever"
  5. "The Thorn In My Side Is Gone" (Alternate Version)
  6. "Elbow Deep"


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