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West cover
Song by Mark Eitzel from the album West
Released 1997
Format CD
Length 5:25
Label Warner Bros. Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel & Peter Buck
Producer(s) Mark Eitzel & Peter Buck
West track listing
  1. "If You Have To Ask"
  2. "Free Of Harm"
  3. "Helium"
  4. "Stunned & Frozen"
  5. "Then It Really Happens"
  6. "In Your Life"
  7. "Lower Eastside Tourist"
  8. "Three Inches Of Wall"
  9. "Move Myself Ahead"
  10. "Old Photographs"
  11. "Fresh Screwdriver"
  12. "Live Or Die"

"Helium" is the 3rd song on Mark Eitzel's 4th album, 1997’s West.


Life is short in the laughing gallery
A secret handshake gets you ice cream and a key
to a brand new car that only drives into walls
Sugarcoat their eyes - all they want is your silence.

Breathe in helium

Throw away the key
Dissolve in the air: never free
In the Mile High City all that's good is the air,
a moon that follows any road out of there
Gunslingers and John Denver: they only make me sad
Anyway I always thought the Wild West was a drag
like your silence.

Breathe in helium

Lost to the day - a sense of the future fades away
There's a cotton thread all wound into a ball
Don't try and talk, caught in mid-fall
Your eyes are firecrackers, hopeless for tomorrow
Your clothes were made for dolls
You're clothed in sorrow like your silence

Breathe in helium

You're lighter than air - a sense of the future that disappears...


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