Heaven Of Your Hands

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"Heaven Of Your Hands"
United Kingdom cover
Song by American Music Club from the album United Kingdom
Released 1989
Format LP / CD
Length 3:02
Label Demon Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Tom Mallon
United Kingdom track listing
  1. "Here They Roll Down"
  2. "Dreamers Of The Dream"
  3. "Never Mind"
  4. "United Kingdom"
  5. "Dream Is Gone"
  6. "Heaven Of Your Hands"
  7. "Kathleen"
  8. "The Hula Maiden"
  9. "Animal Pen"

"Heaven Of Your Hands" is the 6th song on American Music Club's fourth album, 1989’s United Kingdom.

Eitzel told Puncture, "It's meant to be an uplifting song. I respect country songs which can be about the saddest things - even though they don't describe them very well - and they're happy! I wanted 'Heaven' to be like that. I just kept obsessing about how pathetic it is when there's no other heaven than in someone's hands, it's a real drag..."[1]

He also told Melody Maker, "In 'Heaven Of Your Hands', I’m singing about listening to the radio at 4am, and there’s that one famous song that goes, 'I’ve grown accustomed to your face'. That’s what that really is all about, and the woman has a silvery voice. She sings it so deadpan, it’s so cool. It’s horrifying. It’s like, love will never be here, it’s that film noir thing, life is an empty hotel room. I just like that stuff, gives me a kick."[2]


There once was a woman with a silver voice
Said she was accustomed to my face
But I could tell she'd never love anyone
And wanted to run away because I could tell
That she really understands

There was so much that I had to offer
But now I'm all alone at four am
And all I got is the midnight shivers
So I turn the dial and think
Maybe I'll find myself a friend
Who say they understand
Why I waste all my time so far away
From the heaven of your hands

And anyone can give you an answer
'Cause nothing in this life seems real
But I'm nothing without the touch I just don't feel

Mother don't you hear your baby crying
Why don't you reach down and pick it up
Mother all your baby's toys are broken
And I know heaven's not for me
That's something I understand
I don't know how to live
Without the heaven of your hands

There's a heaven in your hands



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