Gary's Song

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"Gary's Song"
Engine cover
Song by American Music Club from the album Engine
Released 1987
Format LP / CS / CD
Length 2:57
Label Grifter Records/Frontier Records
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Producer(s) Tom Mallon
Engine track listing
  1. "Big Night"
  2. "Outside This Bar"
  3. "At My Mercy"
  4. "Gary's Song"
  5. "Nightwatchman"
  6. "Clouds"
  7. "Electric Light"
  8. "Mom's TV"
  9. "Art Of Love"
  10. "Asleep"
  11. "This Year"

"Gary's Song" is the 4th song on American Music Club's second album, 1987’s Engine. Mark Eitzel told Sounds magazine that "The song started out to be about summer in Columbus; and then it started being about sitting on a porch drinking beer with a friend; and then it started being about…like, Cleveland has really bad areas where everything’s falling apart. I’ve always written really sad songs…I think that way."[1]


Gary, tell me why the leaves on the trees
Are falling as early as the spring
Why the leaves on the trees that are falling on us
Are like the words to the song
I've lived my whole life to sing

If you swim too much you'll drown

If we sit here and drink enough beer
We'll be two inflatable dolls in a hooker's bad dream
When the storm reaches us we'll be two blind drunks
Who've absorbed through the skin
a whole lifetime of kerosene

If you drink too much you will drown
And the shame of my life is watching you

Gary, I think we've worn out our welcome
They're waiting for us to leave
Gary, they've got a new kind of person
A newer, stronger, cleaner breed

And I think I just came in my pants
Oh baby, do you want to dance?

Everything collapses here, slow motion
And the roots of the dance and the stain in my pants
Are beyond any small man's conception

If you drink too much you will drown
And the shame of my life is watching you drown



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