Frivolous Children

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"Frivolous Children"
Song by Mark Eitzel
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel

"Frivolous Children" is a song by Mark Eitzel, written in 1988 and never performed live. It remains unreleased.


Those storms about to hit
We'll say, we'll tell them that we didn't know about it
Feel safe and warm tucked up in each other's arms
Full of letters we never sent

Frivolous children dance under ___
Frivolous laughter bruises their quiet still
And any disguise would be a slingshot away from me
My eyes as weak as the storm in the sea

I'd find a clue if I could remember
I know it's all in what I can think of

Those storms about to strike
Michael's in his garden with his knife
We'll see you ____ and fear
And sorry for a life we never got near

Though the rules are clear we say we didn't know
And smile and laugh like the fools we know
Because baby all you've got is charm
Baby all you've got is charm