Eye For An Eye

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"Eye For An Eye"
Song by Mark Eitzel
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel

"Eye For An Eye" is an unreleased song by Mark Eitzel. It was written in 1996 and played live several times in the autumn of that year. A full band version was recorded for Caught In A Trap but was not included on the final album.


Viper rooms and memories of cocaine fun
I wish I could brag about a history I pissed away
Bloody altars abandoned and defamed
It will be painted black again and remain

Nothing shines better than two-faced Hollywood charm
It leaves me gasping for air
And you see eyes in the back of your head that everyone's laughing at
As you stumble over 30 pieces of despair

Eye for an eye
Tooth for a tooth
You're not worth,
You're not worth
Even telling the truth

The axe from the last battle in your chest
It seeks deliverance and rest
From the constant clicking of your pin and needle
May you never grow up
May you never grow feeble

Eye for an eye
Tooth for a tooth
You tell me when it's worth
Telling you the truth

You'll never know peace unless the money creeps in You'll never know peace in your life
Or anything else but you'll always have the upper hand

Eye for an eye
Tooth for a tooth
How come you're not worth
Not worth even telling the truth
Eye for an eye
Tooth for a tooth
It's not worth
It's not worth ever telling you the truth