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Studio album by American Music Club
Released October 5, 1991
Recorded 1990-1991 at Music Annex Studio A (Menio Park, CA), Soma Sync Studios (San Francisco, CA), Brilliant Studios (San Francisco, CA)
Length 36:36
Label Alias Records
Producer Norman Kerner, American Music Club
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United Kingdom
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4.5/5 stars[1]

Everclear is American Music Club's fifth album, released in 1991 on Alias Records. The album received widespread praise, but was criticized for being over-produced, despite having been released on an independent label.


"Sick Of Food," a fan favorite, is sung from the perspective of an AIDS patient whose medications have left him unable to eat. It starts catatonically, and concludes with Mark Eitzel screaming "Now I wake up and I don't have any gravity/Feel the whole world drawing away from me/Now I wake up, so now I wake up/What good is it?/Another bright nothing/Another day."

Rise was released as a CD single (Alias Records, 1991), which contained the non-album tracks "Chanel #5," "The Right Thing" and an alternate version of "Crabwalk." The music video for "Rise" received minor play on MTV's 120 Minutes late night program. Why Won't You Stay was released instead of Rise in France instead, with the same artwork and non-album tracks plus the album version of "Crabwalk" .

On the strength of this album, Mark Eitzel was named Rolling Stone magazine's Songwriter Of The Year in 1991. Rolling Stone also placed Everclear in their list of top 5 albums of the year.

From an article in the December 1994 - January 1995 issue of Addicted To Noise:

"I remember we were somewhere in Germany and we found out about the Rolling Stone poll," says Eitzel. "It made me feel really good. But for the next show there were about 20 people in the audience. And they were army guys and they thought American Music Club were some righteous American freedom-fighting, cool ass Springsteen-influenced Guns N' Roses kind of guys. And we did not rock." "They didn't know we'd made 'one of the best records of the year' and he was the 'best songwriter,'" adds bassist Dan Pearson. "They couldn't give a fuck about that shit," says Eitzel. "And they certainly didn't agree."

In 2015 Eitzel told Aquarium Drunkard, "We wanted to make a record that might sound good on the radio. All of our previous records had sounded pretty small in radio terms. Our pedal steel player Bruce Kaphan was a staff engineer at a large recording studio in East Palo Alto called The Music Annex and the idea was for him to help Tom Mallon make it sound bigger – bigger gear, whatever. So we started it with that idea. Bruce was probably the biggest factor in making the album what it was. It was about a year in the making and involved much drama. Frontier Records had a deal that a larger record company that increased the recording budget that fell through just as we were beginning to make the record. Lisa Fancher from Frontier Records was wonderful and very committed – and after the money fell through allowed us to find another label – which is how Everclear ended up on Alias Records. Frontier, however, helped make my career happen. She put out a lot of great music. I’m eternally grateful."[2]

Track listing

All tracks written by Mark Eitzel

No. Title Length
1. "Why Won't You Stay"   2:59
2. "Rise"   3:11
3. "Miracle On 8th Street"   4:07
4. "Ex-Girlfriend"   2:49
5. "Crabwalk"   3:33
6. "The Confidential Agent"   4:10
7. "Sick Of Food"   4:02
8. "The Dead Part Of You"   2:42
9. "Royal Cafe"   3:23
10. "What The Pillar Of Salt Held Up"   2:38
11. "Jesus' Hands"   3:02


American Music Club
  • Mark Eitzel - vocals, guitar, keyboards, songwriting
  • Vudi - guitar, accordion, bass
  • Danny Pearson - bass, guitar, dulcimer, mandolin, banjo, vocals
  • Mike Simms - drums
  • Bruce Kaphan - pedal steel, keyboards, bass, percussion, lap steel, dobro, guitar, dulcimer


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