Demos Before Love Songs

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Demos Before Love Songs
Studio album by Mark Eitzel
Released 2005
Label Self-released
Producer Mark Eitzel
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The Ugly American
Demos Before Love Songs
Candy Ass

Demos Before Love Songs is a 2005 limited edition CD from Mark Eitzel, sold via Undertow Music after the release of American Music Club's 2004 album Love Songs For Patriots.

Track listing

  1. "Ladies And Gentlemen"
  2. "Patriot's Heart"
  3. "Home"
  4. "Hippy Boots"
  5. "Apology"
  6. "Job To Do"
  7. "Bookstore"
  8. "Freedom" (Home Demo)
  9. "Animals" (Home Demo)
  10. "Home" (Matador Demo)
  11. "Ladies And Gentlemen" (Home Demo)
  12. "Patriot's Heart" (Home Demo)