Crystal Always Knows

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"Crystal Always Knows"
Breakfast Without Meat issue #14 Flexi-disc
Song by American Music Club from the album Breakfast Without Meat, issue #14
Released 1990
Label Breakfast Without Meat
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel
Breakfast Without Meat, issue #14 track listing
  1. "Crystal Always Knows" - Mark Eitzel
  2. "Johnny Carson" - The Easy Goings
  3. Paid Programming

"Crystal Always Knows" was first released as a Mark Eitzel solo acoustic demo that came on a red one-sided Flexi-disc with issue #14 of the Breakfast Without Meat magazine in the summer of 1990. The Easy Goings' "Johnny Carson" and a paid programming advertisement about baldness were the additional tracks on the Flexi-disc. The magazine also featured an interview with Eitzel.

The song later resurfaced in full-band versions on American Music Club's 2008 tour CDs, The Everclear Rehearsals Late 1990 (full-band rehearsal) and The Mercury Band Demos April 1992 (full-band demo). A standard studio version has not been released, however one was recorded in 1989 during the aborted Everclear sessions with Tom Mallon.[1]


Made a new friend last night
I asked her how much
I knew it would be a bargain at any price
How do you always look so good?
We'll do some good tonight, you'll see
I'll buy the ship you're sailing on
I'll believe you if you believe me

Crystal always knows
Exactly how things should be
Crystal always knows
Exactly how things should be
And if she's cold, give her the moon for a coat to wear
And if she's sad, give her stars in the sky
Now why should any hope or desire
ever be a stranger to her eyes?

Open up your cardboard heart
(We don't have much time)



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