Citizens Of The True World

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"Citizens Of The True World"
Song by American Music Club
Writer(s) Mark Eitzel

"Citizens Of The True World" is an unreleased song by American Music Club. The song was written in 1988, performed live during the autumn of that year and throughout 1989 and first recorded that year during the aborted Everclear sessions with Tom Mallon.[1]


Citizens of the true world hang out their laundry
Ecstasy in every glance, love in every touch
Nothings wasted, their perfume floats over the streets
No dead leaves underfoot, the sidewalks glow under mercurial feet

On good days we pretend we're just like them
On good days we pretend that we are one with them

The wind is warm and rich as Howard Hughes was
Look at them lay on their backs in the grass
that grows through the true world

Everything in the world quivers with excitement to be you
Every moment of the world to be you

On good days we'll pretend that the chill has reached our bones
On good days we'll pretend we can lead a normal life


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